Department of Surgery

The Department of Surgery in Phuong Dong General Hospital has brought together a team of leading physicians with years of experience from prestigious medical universities and hospitals within the country and internationally such as Viet Duc Central Hospit



As an essential specialty, the Surgery Department promises customers with the highest quality service.


The Outpatient Department is heavily invested in infrastructure and equipment. Our department brings the highest quality of service equipment and treatment.

The operating room is self-contained and closed, with a modern European ventilation system with the perfect ventilation system for absolutely aseptic.

Các phòng điều trị nội trú với trang thiết bị, dịch vụ cao cấp tiêu chuẩn 5 sao mang đến cho người bệnh cảm giác thoải mái như đang được nghỉ ngơi, thư giãn tại các khu nghỉ dưỡng sang trọng.

Phòng VIP

Phòng đơn

Phòng đôi


Our systems of clinics is spacious and flexible, with an open architecture design and an escalator system connects three floors of first basement, first and second floor. Waiting space for customers is designed according to a hotel’s receptionist. Strict sterilization process to ensure safety before heading into any examination room.

The hospital reception will provide you customer care throughout the examination process conveniently guide you .

Our team of doctors consist of highly experienced in their field. Patients get the option to choose/book a specific doctor. Phuong Dong will also schedule appointments with notable doctors from national hospitals to further ensure the success of the treatment.

Our medical staffs are friendly and willing to professionally make the process of examination, blood testing, ultrasound, screening ... effortless and simple.

Imported from Europe, Phuong Dong’s system of modern equipment promises quick and accurate results and helps detect diseases early.

The process of scientific examination helps customers save time and effort.

Our policy of third line insurance guarantees maximum benefits to customers.