History begin

Orient General Hospital is a non-public health unit of Phuong Dong Medical Complex Co., Ltd. – a member unit of Intracom. Intracom has experienced over 15 years of construction and installation of industrial and civil projects, has constructed many construction projects, infrastructure in many areas of real estate, hydropower, care services. health … has a large scale and high technical requirements, contributing significantly to the national socio-economic development.


On December 21, 2002, established Transport and Infrastructure Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Intracom) under Hanoi Housing Investment and Development Corporation.


In 2006, Infrastructure and Transport Investment Joint Stock Company conducted the equitization of enterprises with 100% state capital into the form of shareholders. This strong move has helped Intracom re-create its business structure, renovate its management mechanism, promote business efficiency, increase competitiveness and integration ability in the market.


In 2018 Intracom expanded its investment to develop the health sector through the inauguration and operation of Phuong Dong General Hospital according to the hospital hotel model. At the same time, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet – CEO of Intracom also devoted a lot of enthusiasm to help Vietnamese startups start their careers. Through Shark Tank 2018, CEO Nguyen Thanh Viet as an investor has supported startups with a total capital of 47 billion VND 150 million.