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On the occasion of New Year 2019, Phuong Dong General Hospital offers 20% of all services when customers visit.


  • MRI capture price is only 1,754,000 VND (original price: 2,000,000 VND) and 2,336,000 VND with injection of contrast drug (Original price: 3,500,000 VND)
  • CT scan: 1,431,000 VND (Original price: 1,700,000 VND) and 2,266,000 VND with contrast injection (Original price: 3,000,000 VND)

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Imaging diagnosis is important for early diagnosis and characterization of many diseases so that the most effective treatment or surgical method can be given. Therefore, Oriental General Hospital considered the Department of Diagnosis. The image is a spearhead of its activities.

Faculty of Diagnostic Imaging is fully equipped, synchronized with the most advanced machines compared to domestic hospitals. The team of medical doctors with high professional qualifications, experience, regular training at home, in the country and abroad, can detect and diagnose the disease accurately, quickly and effectively. High treatment.

Experienced team of doctors, who have worked in CDHA for many years in big and prestigious hospitals in the country and internationally, regularly receive continuous training and improve their qualifications at floating centers. domestic and foreign languages, cooperating with experienced doctors at central hospitals. Young, agile, experienced technicians, enthusiastic at work, are continuously trained at major hospitals in the country and cultivate knowledge abroad, where there are many most skilled technicians. gender.


  1. Dura Diagnost system of digital X-ray machine:

  • Improve performance and speed shooting with two shots taken in one room
  • Superior image with Philips’ leading digital technology

  1. Digital mammography system, Microdose SI Universal:

  • The ability to provide superior image quality at very low beam doses
  • Measuring and evaluating many purposes: density, volume of the shooting area.
  • Non-invasive shooting with fast and comfortable speed for patients.

  1. Resonator from 1.5T, 16 channels, Multiva 1.5T:

  • OStream technology reduces the size of a digital analog converter (ADC) and places it directly in the Coil, transmitting signals to the control room by optical fiber. MRI signals are sampled directly, without DC conversion. Signal transmitted from the studio is a digital signal, less attenuated to increase signal / noise ratio (SNR) to 20% → Image quality, outstanding resolution.
  • SENSE technology: technology for parallel imaging, taking 30% faster than normal technologies. Flex-Stream: workflow optimization technology, reducing patient preparation time by 40%; mDixon: erase optimal grease with 7 fat universal peak detection technology.

  1. 128 sequence computer tomography machine, Ingenuity Elite:

  • IPatient feature helps to minimize the calibration time daily, help improve work performance. IMR features help reduce the dose to 60-80%, reduce noise to 70%. Delivers detailed and clear images.
  • NanoPanel Elite image recognition technology contributes to image noise reduction at low energy and dose levels. Delivering realistic and optimal images.
  • Dose4 technology minimizes movement noise, along with increasing spatial resolution at low doses.
  • O-MAR technology minimizes interference caused by transplants.


  1. MRI scan: skull, spine, joint, liver…. have injections and do not inject magnetic blockers.
  2. CT scan: skull, jaw, whole body, chest, abdomen, frame, limb, cerebral vessels, spine, joints …. injection and no contrast injection
  3. XQ: Mamography, chest, abdomen, XQ bone, joint, sinus …… ..
  4. Supersonic; general, cardiac, cardiovascular, gynecological, soft, breast, through the fontanel …….
  5. Tricks: FNA, Biopsy … ..
  6. Check for K armor by ultrasound and FNA.
  7. Breast screening with Ultrasound, Mamography, FNA and biopsy ….

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