Inter-Department of Ophthalmology – TMH – RHM

The Faculty of the Faculty is a division of the specialties: Eye – Ear Nose and Throat with the main functions of Inpatient / outpatient / examination / treatment of diseases of the Eye – Ear, Nose, Throat, Teeth – Jaw – Face.

The Faculty of Interdisciplinary, Phuong Dong General Hospital brings together the leading team of doctors, well-trained and experienced in working in large hospitals all over the country, so the process of diagnosis and standard treatment help to bring the best results. Besides, a team of nurses and technicians with high qualifications, experienced with dedicated and professional service style.


  1. Ear – nose – throat

The Otolaryngology – Throat specialty of Oriental Hospital is a provider of high quality medical services, medical examination and treatment with high technology to provide patients with an effective health care process. fruit, safe, comfortable, comfortable. With the motto of putting patients’ health and medicine at the forefront, Tai-Nose-Throat Specialist always keeps improving the quality of service more professionally, bringing together the team of leading specialists and skilled application Advanced treatment to bring perfection to high quality medical services and satisfaction for patients. Specialist in ear – nose – throat is always invested by modern hospitals such as:

  • VIP multipurpose examination table.
  • Karl Storz surgical laparoscopic machine.
  • Karl Storz’s rigid endoscopic system.
  • Surgical microscope.
  • Burning machine COBLATOR.
  • Amygdals cutters, VA curettage without bleeding COBLATOR.
  • Amygdals cutting tool by Karl Storz.
  • Karl Storz’s orthopedic surgery set.
  • Karl Storz ear surgery kits.
  • Kit of Endoscopic Sinus Rhinoplasty by Karl Storz.
  • The probe hangs the microsurgical larynx of Karl Storz.

  1. Teeth – jaw – face

Ham Face Dental Clinic with spacious facilities and many functional areas to meet the needs of medical examination and aesthetics for patients with patient reception areas, clinical and medical examination and treatment areas orthodontic orthopedic surgery area. Giving patients a high quality medical examination and treatment space.

  1. Eye specialist

Ophthalmology Phuong Dong General Hospital is equipped with a spacious clinic system with full of modern equipment for the examination and treatment of eye-related diseases such as ophthalmoscopy, measuring device Automatic refractometer, contactless pressure measuring device, retinal fluorescence camera. Modern equipment is available at the Eye Clinic:

  • Microscopic microscope.
  • Eyeoscopy
  • Refractometer.
  • Phaco Alcon machine.
  • Electronic glass testing system


  1. Ear – nose – throat
    • Surgery for sinus nose

  • Orthopedic nose bridge in trauma to the nose vertebrae.
  • Surgical endoscopy of the sinus nose.
  • Endoscopic surgery takes nasal polype.
  • Surgical nasal floor tumors.
  • Endoscopic orthopedic surgery in the nostrils after birth congenital.
  • Endoscopic surgery takes teeth that grow in the sinuses or sinusitis caused by teeth.
  • Orthopedic endoscopy.
    • Throat surgery
  • Cut Amydal, VA curettage does not bleed with the COBLATOR machine.
  • U oral floor.
  • U into the back of the throat.
  • U into the mouth.
  • Surgery to sleep snoring.
    • Laryngeal surgery
  • Endoscopic surgery to take the laryngeal laryngeal cyst
  • Microscopic examination of ophthalmic surgery: cutting pruning beads, vocal polype, laryngeal papilome, …
    • Otolaryngology emergency
  • Endoscopy removes foreign bodies of ears, nose, throat, esophagus
  • Endoscopic hemostasis nose
  • Drainage abscess around A, drainage of cartilage cartilage …
  • Ear surgery, atrial catheterization, atrial laparoscopic surgery
    • Surgery on the face and neck
  • Surgical tongue armor cyst
  • Nail armor
  • Surgery for neck abscess due to esophageal osteomalacia.
  • The neck edge has mediastinal drainage due to complications of esophagus.
  • Get the sebum.
    • Outpatient treatment
  • Aerosol nose, sinuses, bronchial air bar
  • Making Proetz to treat sinusitis
  • Make ear medicine, make laryngeal medicine.

  1. Teeth – jaw – face
    • Dental Implant
    • Comprehensive oral care.
    • Extraction of teeth, extraction of small teeth.
    • 5-way CT porcelain crown.
    • Orthodontic correction (Braces).
    • Children’s Dentistry.
    • Endodontic, medullary treatment.
    • Plant Titan teeth.
    • Dental restoration.
    • Tooth whitening.
    • Get tartar.
  2. Eye
    • Measure objective refraction and treat refractive diseases such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism.
    • Visit and treat corneal and retinal diseases.
    • Treatment of diseases of the optic nerve, glaucoma, cataract (Phaco).
    • Treatment of eye infections.
    • Take heterosexual, corneal, and stabbing procedure.
    • Eyelid surgery, meat dreaming (grafting of conjunctival flap, autologous conjunctiva …)
    • Replace the lens with phaco surgery.

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