Medical Examination

The Faculty of Examination, Oriental Hospital was established and started from the early days of the Hospital with the task of organizing medical examination and emergency treatment for patients and health checks for customers.

With a simple, scientific and quick procedure, the patient / client does not have to wait long time, most of the end of the outpatient examination process during the day.

The Faculty of Examination organizes regular examinations on weekdays from Monday to Saturday, by doctors, masters, doctors CKI, CKII, … in charge, ensuring the examination, diagnosis and treatment of pathology Timely and health care advice.

Collective Medical Doctor, Department of Examination – Oriental General Hospital



The examination department is divided into sections:

Reception area: At the 1st floor location, near the main door of the building is the area to welcome patients / customers to come for health examination and examination. With a staff of young, professional reception, patients / customers will feel comfortable and friendly right from the time of registering the examination, whether the service is checked or health insurance. The patient / client will be guided and taken to specialist clinics as well as testing techniques.

Clinic area: In order to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment, the Faculty of Examination has a team of skilled, enthusiastic and experienced physicians arranged to work at specialized clinics:

Test area: Right at the Clinic area, it is the room for collecting samples for testing, electrocardiography, electromyography, endoscopy and imaging diagnosis, which is very convenient for patients / clients to come for medical examination.

Located at the 1st floor, near the hospital gate. There are emergency classification rooms, emergency room, prevention of serious illness, Daycare room, isolation room, minor surgery room … with all modern equipment in the emergency and recovery areas. the ability to ensure the rescue of patients with the spirit: “fast, timely, thoughtful, reliable


The Department of Examination provides services for customers to come for health examination, health certificate examination, general and internal examination, depending on the requirements of the patient.

In the process of implementing medical examination packages, our doctors will advise on tests, functional tests, and image diagnosis to do more to assess the health status of patients / customers in a good way. Best.

Customers will be consulted by doctors about test results, related health issues. In case of necessity, customers can be transferred to consulting with a doctor who has an in-depth knowledge of each area in accordance with the requirements for each patient.

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