Pediatrics brings the best quality care for children in the Capital and neighboring provinces. Bringing to the patients high quality medical services according to international standards.

Medicine team Doctors are well-trained at leading medical universities in the country and internationally, with many years of experience working in some central hospitals, can meet all the medical needs sick.

Khoa Nhi Bệnh viện Đa khoa Phương Đông

All machinery and equipment systems in the Faculty are imported from the leading countries in medical machine manufacturing techniques such as Germany, Japan, Korea, and the United States. Healing.

Pediatrics has an impressive system of clinics such as high-class play area, creating a comfortable and happy psychology for children to come for examination, vaccination and treatment.


Pediatrics – Phuong Dong General Hospital provides services of examination, counseling and treatment of pediatric patients

Providing services of examination and treatment of common diseases in young children (respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, infectious)

Children’s health care counseling

Early detection examination of congenital diseases in young children.

Early consultation and detection of special medical conditions.

Newborn screening

Vaccination counseling


Functional areas, boarding rooms are built, designed and decorated according to the standard of high-class hotels, full of modern medical equipment.

Medical register