Faculty of Foreign Medicine – Phuong Dong General Hospital brings together leading professors and doctors, who are well-trained from famous medical universities in the country and internationally, with working experience in diseases Central level hospitals such as Viet Duc Friendship; Bach Mai; Institute K; Institute 108 …


As a core specialist, having an important position in the department of the Oriental Hospital, the Faculty of Foreign Affairs offers customers high quality medical services.

  • Cut hemorrhoids according to Longo method safely and quickly.
  • Surgical laparoscopy, urology
  • Open surgery
  • Examination and treatment of Anal – Rectum – Perineum
  • Orthopedic
  • Peripheral neurosurgery
  • Caesarean section, endoscopic appendectomy safe
  • Inguinal hernia surgery with advanced techniques
  • High aesthetic thyroidectomy surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery


The Department of Surgery is the spearhead department of the Hospital, which is invested with the most advanced and comprehensive infrastructure and equipment to provide surgical and surgical care services of international standards.

The operating room system is designed one-way close; The European air purification system, sterile standard for maintaining the air pressure in the positive operating room ensures absolute sterility.

The inpatient treatment rooms with high-quality equipment and services of 5-star standard give patients a feeling of comfort as being rested and relaxed at luxurious resorts.

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