Ophthalmology –Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) – Oral and MaxilloFacial

The Department is a synergy of three specialized Department Ophthalmology –Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) – Oral and MaxilloFacial with a role of treating inpatients and outpatients as well as provide medical examinations with illnesses related to the Eye - Ear, N


The department is a culmination of all the leading physicians, with years of experience in hospitals across the country, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the treatment process. Also, our nursing and technical staff are also extensively trained, which heavily contributes to our customer’s treatment process to remain as caring and professional.


1. Ear – Nose - Throat

The ENT Department of our Hospital provides the highest quality of medical service, our objective is for our patients to have the most effective and convenient examination and treatment process. With our standard of putting our patients’ health and ethics foremost, our department aims to improving the quality of our services as well as the knowledge of our physicians’ team. We also look forward to learning new physicians’ that increase our patients’ satisfaction. Our Department is well equipped with modern facilities such as:

  • VIP versatile examination table
  • Karl Stortz Endoscopy machine
  • Karl Stortz Rigid Endoscopy System.
  • Surgical Microscopet.
  • COBLATOR’s combustion machine.
  • COBLATOR’s Amygdala cutter, non-bleeding Adenoid scraper.
  • Karl Storz Amygdala cutting tool kit.
  • Karl Storz septum orthopedic surgery kit.
  • Ear microsurgery kit by Karl Storz.
  • Karl Storz's Sinoscopic noseoscopy kit.
  • Microscopic laryngoscope set by Karl Storz..

2. Oral and Maxillofacial

Clinic with spacious facilities and functional areas to meet the needs of medical examination and aesthetics for patients with patient reception areas, clinical dental clinics, and orthodontic surgery. Providing patients with space for medical examination and treatment with high-quality standards. 

3. Eye

The Eye Specialty in Phuong Dong Hospital is equipped with a spacious clinic with a full range of modern equipment for examination and treatment of eye-related diseases such as ophthalmoscopes and gauges. automatic refractometer, non-contact tape-measuring machine, retinal fluorescence scanner. Modern equipment is available at the Eye Clinic:

  • Eye examination microscope.
  • Opthalmoscope.
  • Refractometer.
  • Alcon Phaco Machine.
  • Electronic glasses testing system.


1. Ear – Nose – Throat (ENT)

  • Sinus Surgery
  • Nasal bone fracture surgery/ adjustment.
  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.
  • Nasal Polyp Remove Surgery
  • Nasal Cavity Growths Surgery
  • Septoplasty or Septal reconstruction surgery
  • PT Nội soi lấy răng mọc lệch trong xoang hoặc viêm xoang do răng.
  • Nội soi chỉnh hình vách ngăn.
    • Throat surgery
  • Amygdala Cutter, COBLATOR Adenoid Vegetation Machine.
  • Mouth floor tumors.
  • Throat tumor.
  • Inner Cheek Cancer (Buccal Mucosa Cancer).
  • Reducing snoring and treating obstructive sleep apnea operation.
    • Laryngeal surgery.
  • Laryngeal throat cyst removal endoscopic surgery
  • Microscopic laryngoscopy: cutting granular beads, Polyp vocal cords, laryngeal papilloma, ...
    • Emergency ENT
  • Endoscopy removes foreign objects from ear, nose, throat, esophagus
  • Nội soi cầm máu mũi
  • Abscess drainage, otitis cartilage drainage…
  • Ear surgery, atrial catheterization, laparoscopic patch surgery
    • Face and neck surgery
  • Cyst of tongue surgery
  • Thyroglossal duct surgery
  • Neck abscess surgery due to esophageal bone.
  • Neck-side surgery with mediastinal purulent drainage due to complications of the esophagus.
  • Atheromatous cyst removal.
    • Outpatient treatment
  • Nose nebulizers, Sinusitis, bronchial washing
  • Proetz’s Method of Sinusitis Treatment
  • Medicine generation for ear and larynx.

2. Oral and Maxillofacial

  • Tooth Implant
  • Comprehensive Oral Care.
  • Tooth extraction and surgery.
  • Porcelain Veneers.
  • Orthodontics (Braces).
  • Child Dentistry..
  • Endodontics, root canal treatment.
  • Titanium tooth implants.
  • Dental prostheses.
  • Teeth whitening.
  • Tatar removal.

3. Eye

  1. Eye refractive measurements and treatment of refractive diseases such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.
  2. Thăm khám và điều trị các bệnh về giác mạc, võng mạc.
  3. Examination and treatment of corneal and retinal diseases..
  4. Eye-infection treatment.
  5. Get conjunctival foreign objects, cornea, piecing up, strabismus.
  6. Eyelid entrapment, pterygium surgery (rotation of the conjunctiva flap, self-conjunctival transplantation ...)
  7. Replace lenses by phaco surgery.