Outpatient Department

The Outpatient Department began since the establishment of Phuong Dong General Hospital with the mission of organizing medical examinations, medical emergency for patients and health examinations for patients.


The department makes simple, scientific, and quick medical procedures, reducing the long waiting time of patients, and for the most part, completes our outpatients’ medical process within a day.

The Outpatient Department organizes continuous examinations daily, with the help of our experienced team of physicians, ensures timely examination, diagnosis, medical treatment and thoughtful healthcare counseling.

Our Group of Doctors – Phuong Dong General Hospital 



The Outpatient Department is divided to multiple sections:

The Reception Area: positioned right on the first floor, in the main lobby of the building, the reception welcomes patients for examination and consultation. With young and enthusiastic receptionists, patients will feel comfortable right from the beginning of the medical procedure, whether its medical examination or health insurance. Patients will then be instructed for specialized clinics and further testing.

The examination area: A team of good, enthusiastic, and experienced physicians is arranged to work at specialized clinics.

Testing area: Right at the Clinic is a centralized sampling room, electrocardiogram, very convenient for patients/customers to come to see.

Emergency area: Located on the first floor near the emergency gate, These rooms are classified as emergency room, severe patients room, day treatment rooms, isolation rooms, minor operating rooms ... with modern equipment in the field of emergency and resuscitation to ensure the treatment of patients with the spirit: “fast, timely, thoughtful and reliable.


The Outpatient Department provides services of people from every demographic subjected to health check-ups, healthcare certificates, general medical exams, and in-depth specialized analysis in the demand of patients.

In the examination process, our doctors will provide the necessary advisory on further tests, functional probes, imaging to assess the condition of the patient.

The patient will then receive extra consultation and guidance from our team of doctors of their related health concerns. If necessary, the patient can switch to a different doctor with more in-depth expertise.